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Friendly Security provides only the best when it comes to home automation. Utilizing wired solutions for Lighting, HVAC, Security, and more, means you get the reliability that the other providers do not offer. All life/safety communications are transmitted via the GSM Cellular Network, and Non life/safety services is connected via your local area network. This process avoids the WiFi failures that others offer, and gives you the reliability you expect. Call us 210-568-0306 today for a no obligation quote!

What is HomeControl?
HomeControl is a complete home automation solution that gives you the power to easily manage, interact with and control your home security system at an affordable price. No matter where you are, HomeControl makes it simple to monitor and stay connected with your loved ones and your property giving you peace of mind in the palm of your hands. Talk with your security professional about adding HomeControl today.

HomeControl=Greater Security+Savings
HomeControl allows you to manage your home's settings so that you start saving money right away. From synchronizing your thermostat with your schedule, to using Z-Wave to automate your lights, automation can significantly reduce your monthly utility bill. By adding cameras to your HomeControl system you add an invaluable visual aspect to your overall security. Cameras help increase your awareness of what is happening around the perimeter of your home, or can simply keep a close eye on your adorable pet.