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Our San Antonio Monitoring Station is a Local Underwriter Laboratory Approved, Five Diamond Rated Central Station. This means that 100% of our operators are certified by the CSAA, Central Station Alarm Association.


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Friendly Security is a locally owned and operated alarm and fire systems company right here in San Antonio! Since 1993 we have been installing home security systems and providing 24 hour U.L. monitoring to thousands of satisfied customers.

We only install state of the art U.L. security equipment and keep up with the ever changing demands technology has to offer. Price point is another benefit you get from Friendly Security because we pay no sales commissions.

News Headlines

  • Alarm system delay allows crash and smash break-in

    Article by

    SAN ANTONIO - Crash and smash break-ins are catching homeowners off guard and giving burglars hours to ransack...

    "This is why Friendly Security does not install this type of alarm system."

    - Joby Gray, Owner

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  • Security systems have come a long way since the days of a burglar alarm hooked up to a phone line.

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